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 "Rock Shop" auditions
"Music Academy Conference at Graceland"
(Tim out of town)
April 15
Good Friday
(no lessons)

Life & Practice

Weather, masks, vaccinations, gas, food and politics have made for a crazy ride. We all look forward to spring and the hope of better days. As you begin planning summer vacations, sorting out sport schedules and summer camps remember we offer more makeup choices than any other school. We offer unlimited monthly group makeups (GMU), online lessons (right to grandma’s house), recorded lessons (with 24 hr notice) and you can even rent your spot to a friend or family member.   We have a lot of events coming: “Rock Shop” kicks off in April, “Spring Recital” is May21 and “Musical Ladder” tests are coming in April and May. Thanks to all of you for continuing to invest in music for your child. I know money can be tight right now. For not much more than the cost of a tank of gas you can have a month of music lessons for your child. The gas will be gone in a few days, the music lasts a lifetime.

We will be offering a new Rock ensemble class this spring. This will be a 90 min. class taught on Fridays twice a month. Rock Shop will be a performance based class with preparing students for public concerts. Sign up for auditions starting April 1st.Price is $60 per month. This class will be taught by Smithville music instructors.

Welcome to our New Students

Sawyer H                              Isabella G
Hannah K                             Brianna M
Troy L                                    Liam W
Stella L                                 Linda S Larry H                                
Melanie O                             Catherine S
Brynn A                                Annette P
Marshal P                            Andrew T
Kim V                                    AlainaC.                      
Ryder H                                Larry B
Nathan F                              Gus D
Zeven R                                Joshua S
Camilla W                            Jeremy U
 Cooper T

We are the only music school in the area to be recognized by the national Safe Music Schools organization.

COVID19 NOTICE Company is employing best practices and assumes no liability regarding the coronavirus or any associated implications. Any persons who enter the property assume all risks of exposure to the COVID-19 virus, and agree to release and hold harmless Smithville Music, LLC and it’s instructors and personnel from any and all claims relating to the same. If you are feeling ill, please call in and we can schedule an online lesson.


Show your pride in your music school by refering a friend.When you refer someone it helps us grow into our new space.Also it will save them $25 in registration fee and I'll credit you 1 free lesson for the next month! Be sure they say they were referred by you!

My spiral bound method book "Necessary Guitar" is now in the studio. It will soon also be available on Amazon. This is the exact method I teach my students 12 years thru adult. I have put this put this method together over 40 years of teaching and it has been tested with hundreds of students.
"There is always that person that says "oh, it's just another methods book on learning to play the guitar."   This is NOT THAT ORDINARY BOOK. Order the book today because you will never regret the purchase." 
Dr. Richard Weymuth Full Professor Emeritus in Music at Northwest Missouri State University 

Spring has come !


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